2014 Air Races

For the first time in National Championship Air Races history, a location on the Reno-Stead Airport campus will serve as an aviation educational hub. The Pathways to Aviation tent will feature aviation leaders, representing many organizations providing services and education in unique ways.

The tent is expected to provide roughly 2,400 square feet of education space featuring 50 seats, platform stage, and an A/V system to be used for classroom courses designed for all ages (children on Wednesday through Friday mornings). The interior perimeter of the educational space will feature aviation-related organizations. These groups will provide information and experts in their industry. These leaders will also be invited to facilitate and/or present educational workshops throughout the week.

Never in the history of the Air Races has the event served to provide educational programming in the areas of air racing, aviation, aerospace, and unmanned aerial systems. The addition serves as an educational launching pad for the next 50 years of the National Championship Air Races.

Educational programming will take four forms at this year’s National Championship Air Races:

  1. School field trips
  2. Student scavenger hunt
  3. Educational extension
  4. Historical preservation

The Foundation’s goal for the 2014 National Championship Air Races is to enhance patron experience through education and greater interactivity. Through active personal involvement through race week, patrons will become more informed, engaged, emotionally invested, and inspired. Whether inspiration feeds their love of learning or history, we designed our programs to be the catalytic force. We expect to see increases in future air race attendance, career pursuits, donors and volunteers, and overall aviation enthusiasts.

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