A Big Welcome to AviNation!

We're continually looking for partners to help eliminate the workforce shortage in the aviation industry. Well, we just learned about an exciting new magazine, AviNation, which is tailored for young people interested in aviation.

Here's a presser to learn more about this great magazine.

AviNation, a national magazine dedicated to generating excitement and interest in aviation among youth, was recently launched. The magazine aims to help fill the tremendous need for young people to enter the world of aviation by attracting, educating and empowering youth and uniting youth aviation groups across the country. The magazine strives to give readers insight into the future of aviation by focusing on aviation students, programs, events and innovative approaches to the promotion and continued growth of the aviation industry.

The premise of AviNation came about when Jacob Peed, the magazine’s publisher, began to consider means by which he could help solve the shortage of skilled aviation professionals. He came to recognize the empowerment that arose in young aviators when they, personally or as a group, were recognized and supported by the industry. From this, Peed began his journey toward creating a magazine focused on youth in aviation, AviNation. This is “a special opportunity for a special industry,” said Peed.

AviNation is published four times a year and is distributed to FBOs, universities, high school aeronautics programs and trade events throughout the country. The magazine connects advertisers and contributors with industry professionals, enthusiasts and those who will continue to advocate for youth in aviation.

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Visit AviNation.com to learn more.