A New Path to Aviation Jobs

We're pleased to announce a partnership to promote employment opportunities throughout the aviation industry.

Reno, Nevada (July 20, 2016) - The quest to advance workforce development possibilities in Nevada takes a big leap forward through a new partnership with JSfirm.com.

JSfirm.com is the most recommended aviation job website. Founded in 1999, they have been providing a free resource to aviation job seekers for over 15 years.

As said by JSfirm.com’s marketing specialist Caitlin McNulty, “We are expanding our Job Distribution Network to power the sustainment of the industry, and to connect aviation companies with aviation professionals. We make these jobs accessible through organizations like Pathways to Aviation to reach a broader audience for the industry.”

Pete Parker, Pathways to Aviation’s executive director said, "We’re excited to partner with JSfirm.com to promote employment opportunities to anyone seeking a job in the aviation industry. We expect this partnership to help us prevent workforce shortages projected to impact Nevada’s aviation industry."

This partnership will be readily visible through two opportunities. The first is an aviation job board located on the Pathways to Aviation website, featuring 19 different industry categories. The webpage makes it simple to find new jobs offered in Nevada and throughout the world. Click here to begin your search.

Additionally, the partnership will be featured at the newly added Career Expo at the Reno Air Races, taking place on September 17-18. Click here to learn more about the Career Expo and other activities planned for the Aviation Learning Center.




About Pathways to Aviation
Pathways to Aviation informs, inspires, and engages the next generation of Nevada aviation. Also known as the Reno Air Racing Foundation, Pathways to Aviation is a 501c3 non-profit providing the engine to leverage legacy programs, instruction, and partnerships to facilitate educational success, labor force growth, and economic vitality.


About JSfirm.com
The Most Recommended Aviation Job Website, JSfirm.com is a free service for Job Seekers. The company’s comprehensive website includes access to job postings, direct email of new employment opportunities, free resume builder and networking tools. Companies receive direct access to resumes, management tools, and unlimited job postings with multiple user capabilities and a dedicated account manager to help plan a company’s candidate search program. To learn more, please visit: JSfirm.com or call 724-547-6203.



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