AboveNV featured in Northern Nevada Business Weekly

One of our affiliates, AboveNV, was featured by Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

Below is part of the article, which can be seen online by clicking here.

AboveNV, a leading Reno Nevada based drone service company, plans to significantly expand business activities in Northern Nevada based on rule changes announced by the Federal Aviation Administration for the commercial use of Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAV). Under the FAA’s long awaited rules, regulations are significantly reduced which allows for more rapid expansion of business activities in the state.

AboveNV is preparing to expand its business in aerial data collection and processing services for customers who use this data for industrial inspections, two and three-dimensional mapping, and GIS data analysis. AboveNV’s is initially targeting customers in the Great Basin.

“The Drone market has been hampered by confusing rules and regulations for years. Its pace of advancement has been suppressed because of the murky legal implications. These new rules will allow companies like AboveNV to develop and operate their aircraft with less red tape and offer them the ability to expand their business and team more quickly.”, says Eric Severance, AboveNV’s Business Advisor in a press release.



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