Aviation Careers Open House

The Aviation Learning Center will feature a special Aviation Careers Open House on Saturday of Reno Air Race week.

It's the first event of its kind at the Reno Air Races, but is generating strong buzz in the aviation community. The Careers Open House will take the form of an open house, starting at 1pm in the Classroom Tent. The event is open to anybody who's at the Air Races, especially people who are:

  • Pursuing careers in aviation
  • Want to learn about aviation careers
  • Want to share advice on how to get into aviation
  • Looking to hire interns and employees

Because it's our first event of its kind, we're leaving the format relatively open. We expect to see small groups talking about how to pursue careers, one-on-one discussions about specific employers or positions, and possibly a panel where experts will field questions.

Join us in the Classroom Tent, located in the Aviation Learning Center, and learn more about careers, get connected to experts, and see if there are jobs or internships available.

RSVP to let us know you'll be there. We'll want to connect you to the right people (future hires or future employers)!

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