Become an Airline Pilot

This is one of the best times in history to become an airline pilot.

This statement was made by Ken Byrnes, who wrote "Seize the Day," a feature article in AOPA's December 2015 issue of Flight Training magazine. According to Byrnes, the demand for pilots is forecast to continue increasing for the next 15 to 20 years, making the future fort the profession brighter than ever.

It's believed that airlines will need to upwards of 5% of their current pilots each year, just to meet the needs of existing flight schedules. In fact, Boeing predicts a hiring estimation of over 530,000 new pilots - worldwide - over the next two decades.

To quote John Goglia, in an article he wrote for Forbes magazine in 2014, "If there’s a bright side to looming pilot and aviation mechanic shortages, it’s that young people with a dream to fly or fix airplanes can look to a brighter future in an exciting and challenging field."

The article continues to describe pilot compensation and work/life schedules. Click here for the full article.

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