Black Rock City Airport makes news on USAToday

Built by volunteers, the Black Rock City Municipal Airport is one of the busiest airports in Nevada...for a few days. Here's a story, which was featured in yesterday's USAToday.

Excerpt from the article, written by Trevor Hughes.

The airport serves the temporary Black Rock City, the formal name of the weeklong Burning Man gathering that will draw 70,000 people to the desert two hours north of Reno. 

Volunteers each year build the airport and city from scratch, then tear them down at week's end. Formally known as 88NV, the airport has a control tower, landing strip, customs and immigration, and a pirate flag flying above it all. 

During its busiest periods this week, when it serves both Burners arriving by air and scenic flights, the airport will average as many as 800 takeoffs and landings a day.

Click here for the full story.


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