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Fund aviation education and career programs for young students by purchasing an Air Races license plate!


For every Air Races license plate registration, a donation is made to the Reno Air Racing Foundation (dba Pathways to Aviation). This money goes to providing support of programs aimed at informing, inspiring, and engaging K-12 students.

The Reno Air Races license plate registration costs $61. From that registration fee, $25 is donated to the Reno Air Racing Foundation. Annual registration renewal costs $30. From that renewal fee, $20 is donated to the Foundation.

The Air Races license plates may also be personalized. New personalized Air Races license plates cost $96, of that $25 is donated to the Foundation. Annual renewal costs $50, of which $20 is donated to the Foundation.

The application for the license plates may be found here:

You may also find more information on the license plates at the Nevada DMV webpage here:

Help inspire the next generation of aviation by purchasing a Reno Air Races license plate! 






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