Careers & Industry - A Great Addition!

Introducing industry experts and leaders to students and aviation enthusiasts in the newly created Careers & Industry Tent proved to be a great addition!

Stemming from a decision made by the Pathways to Aviation board of trustees in November 2015, the tent was a simple showcase of the possibilities driven from connecting young people with aviation careers pathways. While the following set of photos don't quite do the tent justice, the tent was home to a constant stream of presentations and discussions.

Aviation Learning Center 2016 - Careers & Industry Tent

The following careers presentations were made in the Careers & Industry Tent:

  • Cyber-Security Careers
  • A&P Careers
  • Commercial Pilot Careers
  • Business Aviation Careers
  • Armed Forces Careers
  • Cyber-Security in Aviation
  • Careers in Meterology
  • Air Traffic Control Careers
  • Aeronautical Engineering Careers

Also taking place in tent were:

  • Special presentation by Brigadier General Jeannie Leavitt, Nellis Air Force Base
  • Civil Air Patrol's 75th Anniversary Celebration
  • Breakfast with PSA Airlines
  • Careers in Aviation Panel
  • College and Career Expo
  • History of the Flying Tigers
  • Young Chautauquans - Jacqueline Cochran, Amelia Earhart, and Orville Wright

When presentations weren't being made, Careers in Aviation videos as produced by LiveAirShowTV and sponsored by the ISTAT Foundation and EAA, were played on the tent's large screen for all to watch. Click here for the videos.


All in all, the tent proved to be a worthwhile and successful representation of our mission and vision!



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