Dassault Aircraft Services


Dassault Aircraft Services
Reno-Tahoe International Airport
365 S. Rock Boulevard
Reno, NV 89502-4128


Current/Upcoming Job Opportunities

Really none right now we’re staffed where we need to be for 2018 

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Projected Career Opportunities (2-5 years)

Approximately 100 provided we can get the county and state to make changes to how our labor and aircraft sales transactions are taxed. 


Skills desired in new hires

We need people that are “craftsmen” in other words who can do things with their hands with a high level of skill. Whether its as a mechanic, avionics tech, interior tech or painter they need to be able to work with their hands and head at the same time to perform at the highest level. 


Advice for students

Classes like IT, science and math especially at advanced levels and of course any type of shop class that teaches them how to do things with their hands. Outside of school any type of work experience is a plus! Even helping parents or friends with remodel projects or working on cars will help them their aviation careers.