Did you read Boeing’s 2015 Pilot and Technician Outlook?

A recent article in General Aviation News unveiled findings in Boeing’s 2015 Pilot and Technician Outlook. Boeing projects that between 2015 and 2034, the world will require 558,000 new airline pilots and 609,000 new airline maintenance technicians.

The July 26 article also stated the following:

Boeing’s 2015 Outlook projects continued increases in pilot demand, up more than 4% compared to the 2014 Outlook. For maintenance technicians, demand increased approximately 5%.

Overall global demand will be driven by continued economic expansion, resulting in an average requirement for about 28,000 new pilots and more than 30,000 new technicians every year.

The 20-year projected demand for new pilots and technicians by region is:

  • Asia Pacific: 226,000 pilots and 238,000 technicians;
  • Europe: 95,000 pilots and 101,000 technicians;
  • North America: 95,000 pilots and 113,000 technicians;
  • Latin America: 47,000 pilots and 47,000 technicians;
  • Middle East: 60,000 pilots and 66,000 technicians;
  • Africa: 18,000 pilots and 22,000 technicians; and
  • Russia/CIS: 17,000 pilots and 22,000 technicians.

Boeing new pilots

Boeing new technicians 

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