Dollars to Benefits

Pathways to Aviation operates on an air-tight budget. Every dollar contributed to the organization goes directly to programs which are designed and managed by its one staff member.  Given that Pathways does not receive state or federal funding, the organization relies on donations from the community.

Every dollar makes an incredible difference. Our goal is to present the world of aviation to over 5,000 students each year. With financial support, the number could easily reach 50,000. This is also made possible because we're opening doors with every school district in the state of Nevada. Donations are a vital force which will allow this goal to be accomplished.

Here's a basic look at what each dollar represents.

$17 - Cost to host each student on a Pathways Days field trip.

$25 - Average size of classes participating in our field trips.

$50 - One dollar for every school attending educational experiences in 2016.

$100 - Cost to provide aviation career guidance to students in our Nevada Aviation Careers initiative.

$250 - One-fourth the cost to host a field trip experience.

$500 - Amount requested by students seeking pilot training scholarships.

$1,000 - Average scholarship amount awarded to students pursuing aviation-related college degrees.


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