E.L. Cord Foundation Sponsors Foundation Tent

The E.L. Cord Foundation funded an education plan for thousands to glean a greater understanding of aviation during the National Championship Air Races.

The grant supports the unique and interactive educational programming at this year’s Air Races with the intent of reaching thousands of visitors to the races. It's aimed at providing aviation enthusiasts both young and old with the opportunity to see, explore, learn, and engage with aviation education and history.

The generosity of the E.L. Cord Foundation funds school field trips, student scavenger hunts, education of all ages, and vintage aircraft judging. All four programs are key parts of a strategic effort to elevate the presence of aviation, nurture opportunities within aviation communities, and create pathways towards careers.

Thanks to the contribution, thousands of air race patrons will receive enhanced patron experience, fueled by learning, hands-on activities, and active participation. Among them, over one thousand students will receive meet with aviation experts, visit the racing pits, attend pre-determined classes, and participate in experiments and presentations. "The support of the E.L. Cord Foundation, allows us to introduce, engage, and inspire young people in the areas of air racing, aviation, and aerospace," says Eric Henry, Pathways to Aviation board chair. "Simply put, the contribution is an incredible endorsement of the future of aviation in northern Nevada."

The E.L. Cord Foundation's contribution meets the purpose of Pathways to Aviation, which is to encourage and support young men and women to pursue studies and careers in aviation, aerospace and aeronautics; to perpetuate the memory and spirit of aircraft, general aviation and air racing and their places in history; and, to promote and establish relationships with organizations that share and support our common purpose.

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