Education Friday

Today is Education Day in the Pathways to Aviation tent at the National Championship Air Races. Over 500 students are expected on the Air Race campus!

The Foundation tent will be the site of educational classes, hands-on activities, simulated exercises, and intuitive discussions. Tailored to students, children of all ages are invited to participate.

Roughly 500 students are expected to visit the Air Races, all of whom will spend time in the Foundation tent, where they'll build rockets, learn about aviation history, participate in simulated races, learn about aerospace, and more.

The day kicks off early with the UAS Collaborative group meeting, where 40 aviation and unmanned aerial systems leaders will convene to discuss the latest in trends and activities, as well as future plans.

Below is the schedule, which could change based on classroom size, noise, air racing excitement, etc.


8:30am -  UAS Collaborative meeting

9:30am - Tour of Drone Zone

10:30am - History of Aviation/Rocketry

11:15am - rocket activity

12:00pm - What it's like to be an airline pilot

12:45pm - How do I get to work on airplanes?

1:30pm - Tell me about aerospace

2:15pm - Aerospace activity

3:00pm - What it takes to become a pilot


Visit the Foundation tent, located on the far east side of the Air Race campus, and see the great activity going on!

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