Featured in Nevada STEM Hub blog

Pathways to Aviation was highlighted in a recent blog posted on the new Nevada STEM Hub website.

Here's an excerpt from the blog.

When you talk about careers involving science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), a four-year degree would seem necessary. However, while a traditional degree is required for many STEM jobs, it’s certainly not required for all. And many of these non-degree jobs provide a very nice salary and an interesting life.

Pete Parker serves as the Executive Director for Pathways to Aviation, which has a mission to “inform, inspire and engage aviation’s next generation.” He says there are many jobs in aviation (pilots, avionics, mechanics, sales, design) that do not require a four-year degree, and many offer on-the-job training.

“This is a huge industry with a lot of demand,” Parker notes. “A lot of our local kids can come out of a high school like AACT or one of our signature academies and go straight to work for employers who will orient, train and coach. And, depending on the individual, oftentimes the employer will pay for community college or other classes, so the employee can further their knowledge and/or earn their certifications.”


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