Final Truckee workshop was incredible!

This year's Truckee Tahoe Flight Plan far exceeded all expectations and the final workshop did not disappoint!

The final session was highlighted by a descriptive story of Glen Aballo of Mountain Lion Aviation. His journey is a testament of hard work, keeping to your goals, and developing strong relationships. It was the ideal presentation for the evening's career topic of networking.

The students walked away with greater understandings of body language, first impressions, meeting and greeting, and the art of conversation.

The students are now ready for the big Truckee Tahoe Aviation Networking Night, taking place on Thursday, May 16. They'll meet with industry and local corporate leaders and engage in meaningful, career-driven conversations. Students are encouraged to RSVP.


Enjoy a few photos from the workshop.

Truckee Tahoe Flight Plan 2019 - Workshop 4

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