First impressions set the conversation tone

It’s widely known that three to five seconds is the length of time you have to make a strong first impression.

The first encounter you have with someone, whether it’s planned or random, can lead to a long term association with the right first impression.

Studies show that when you meet someone face-to-face, 93 percent of how you are judged is based on non-verbal data, while only 7 percent is influenced by spoken words.

When it comes to making a strong first impression, consider these simple tips.

  • Image is everything
  • Dress for success
  • Be professional
  • Scope the environment and audience
  • Put your phone away
  • Maintain good body language
  • Greet with confidence
  • Firm handshake, solid eye contact
  • Repeat the other person’s name
  • Speak up
  • Choose your words wisely
  • Listen intently
  • Place the other person as the center of attention
  • Show a sincere interest

The impact of a first impression can be seen through a domino effect of future meetings, opportunities and, quite possibly, employment.

Making a good first impression is extremely important, every time, no matter the occasion, setting, or circumstance. Much of what you need to do to make a good impression is common sense. By incorporating these tips, you’ll be more prepared and value the importance of every random or planned encounter, thus leading to great possibilities.

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