Flight Team

Shhh, it's not official, but...

We're putting together a special organization for students interested in aviation. It's a fun and meaningful way to bring students closer to their aviation-related dreams and career aspirations.


Pathways Flight Team

To provide resources and opportunities to students, whom express strong interests in pursuing careers in the aviation industry.

Must be a student pursuing a diploma or certification.


  • Represent Pathways to Aviation at events, on campus, in organizations, and in public
  • Promote careers in aviation
  • Promote programs and activities to other students
  • Volunteer at Pathways to Aviation coordinated and sponsored events


  • Meet monthly (perhaps on Flight Plan evenings)
  • Liaison to serve in ex-oficio (non-voting) role on board of trustees
  • Possibly managed with the assistance of a student intern


  • Interface with aviation executives and industry experts
  • Tour airports and aviation businesses
  • Increase chances of internships, and part- and full-time jobs
  • Possibly participate in job shadowing experiences
  • Possibly gain special credit from WCSD
  • Acquire and practice valuable career readiness skills
  • Earn volunteer hours
  • Participate in special Flight Team activities and events
  • Increase chances of scholarship support
  • Looks great on resumes

We're still ironing out the wrinkles. If you have suggestions and/or want to get involved, contact Pete.




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