Flight Team

Welcome to the Futures in Aerospace Flight Team!


It's a brand new program and we're ecstatic that you're a part of it. Pathways to Aviation has grown insurmountably over the past three years and even brighter skies are ahead. There's a great deal going on and Pete has a new idea every day. There's no micro-managing with this group, so each member is strong encouraged to take the initiative, offer assistance, voice opinions and share feedback, and attend events...even without waiting for an invitation.


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This webpage will not be publicly promoted, as it's only for Flight Team members. As such, be sure to visit regularly for assignments and information.


Ways to reach Pete:

Text/call: 775-745-1325
Email: pparker@pathwaystoaviation.org


Upcoming Events

Carson Airport Open House - June 29 - RSVP to assist
Truckee Tahoe Airport Air Show - July 13 - RSVP to assist



Assignment #1:

Send email to Pete answering the following questions...

  • If you added any topic to the workshop series, what would it be? You may provide more than one topic.
  • If you were in charge of the networking night, what would you do differently?

No answer is a bad answer and the more critical you are, the better!


Assignment #2:

Send me an email with your thoughts of the idea I share in the video below?

I'm looking for:

  • initial feedback
  • more brilliant ideas
  • if you're interested in helping or participating