Flirtey makes first urban drone delivery

Flirtey executed the first FAA-approved urban drone delivery in the United States.

The story was announced in several publications, including GeekWire, as written by Alan Boyle.

The GPS-guided drop-off to an unoccupied house took place on March 10 in Hawthorne, Nev. The package of supplies, including bottled water, emergency food supply and a first-aid kit, was lowered by a rope to the house’s front porch from a hovering hexacopter. A drone pilot and several visual observers were on standby in case something went wrong, but they weren’t needed, the company said.

The latest flight tested the drone’s ability to navigate around buildings, power lines and streetlights to make a precision drop-off in a populated area. Flirtey’s partners for the test included the Nevada Advanced Autonomous Systems Innovation Center at the University of Nevada at Reno, the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems and NASA.

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