Futures in Aerospace

It's a great time to pursue a career in aviation!

Our quest is to inform, inspire, and engage every student to the world of aerospace.

The Journey Starts Today!

There’s a large pool of skilled talent in our local communities. We met well over 7,000 of these students at workshops, career expos, mock interview days, and other events throughout the 2017-18 school year. Many of these students could easily thrive in the aviation industry.


Aerospace Industry Issues

Concerns facing the greater aviation industry include:

  • There’s a growing workforce shortage, not just with pilots, but within avionic, mechanical, technological, and service-oriented positions.
  • The industry needs a skilled labor force, especially well-trained and certified personnel.
  • The topic of aviation is missing from both general and elective education instruction.
  • Many students are not aware of or do not take advantage of career resources on their high school and college campuses.
  • Finding the right avenues to pursue paths to higher education or the workforce, particularly in the aviation industry, are difficult to find and travel.
  • Students tend to be intimidated by seeking out and talking to aviation leaders.
  • Aviation executives don't know the best ways to find talented young people to meet their internship and full-time employment needs.


Our Solution

We created a program which identifies interested students and builds pathways to guide them toward continued education and/or direct workforce employment opportunities. Welcome to the Futures In Aerospace initiative! This careers and mentoring program provides career readiness tools, best practices, and mentors, thus elevating their chances of pursuing their educational and career goals.


Preparing our 3rd Season

2018-2019 Goal

In 2017, 20 students registered into the program, eight attended workshops on a regular basis, and 10 attended the large networking reception. In 2018, 86 students have registered, workshops have seen an average of 16 students (in two locations), and 20 industry speakers. 

The goal for 2019 is to manage a fully-funded program, which engages 200 high school and college students with 70 industry leaders (as mentors and speakers) at up to five workshop locations and three large networking reception locations.

The Futures in Aerospace program continues to expand in response to industry demand, student interest, successful career experiences, workshop participation, and requests from partners. The structured program captures metrics both during and at the completion of each series and is adaptable to single session, as well as two session, and our optimal four session workshop series. 

Two different, but connected programs, represent the Futures in Aerospace. We're doing our best to make them completely free of charge for everyone. Generous individual contributions and corporate sponsorships will make this happen.

Flight Plans

We've scheduled small aviation industry speaking events in three locations, which will double as career-planning workshops for high school and college students. They’ll each feature presentations by aviation executives, who will share their experiences, descriptions of their company specialties, overviews of hiring practices, and career-focused advice. In addition to the presentations, students will receive career planning best practices, such as skills identification, resume writing, interviewing tips, and networking instruction. The goal is for students to be well-prepared to meet aviation executives and recruiters at the large networking reception, with resumes in hand, creating strong first impressions, conducting meaningful dialogues, and taking strategic next steps. If all goes well for the students, they’ll leave with job shadowing, internship, and part and full-time employment commitments.

The 2019 program has received initial praise from two school districts, the State of Nevada Department of Education, and many aviation executives. The 2019 Futures in Aerospace program will be arranged as a series of workshops in multiple location. They'll be very similar to our Spring program, with a few additions. We'll feature new industry leaders, two new locations, and new topics (interviewing, salary negotiation, financial literacy). Workshops will take place at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, Truckee Tahoe Airport, Carson Airport, and Stead Airport. Click the links to learn more!

Aviation Career Week

In response to the success of our Flight Plans and the overall Futures in Aerospace program, a special Aviation Career Week will culminate the Spring 2019 Flight Plan workshop series. The week of May 13-17 will be highlighted by news and information, job postings, scholarship awards, and two networking receptions.

With an anticipated 200 students participating in the program, we seek 200 aviation, business, and community leaders to participate at the various Aviation Career Week receptions. We will showcase the students at these receptions, giving each professional an opportunity to spend time with each student in an exciting networking format.


The 2019 flight is boarding!

If you think our 2017/2018 program was impressive, you need to check out the upcoming year. The pistons are firing toward an extraordinary journey! 

Register today

The flight plan sessions will take place in various area locations throughout the 2018/2019 year. We expect to host the program in Reno, Carson, Truckee and, potentially, one or two additional locations. Registration is open for:

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