Gearing up for the fall

Schools may be breaking for summer, but we're busy filling our fall semester schedule, in anticipation of another extraordinary year.

The year will be marked with our two new and quickly popular programs.

Pathways Days

Schools and classes may choose from the following to get the most of our Pathways Days program.

  1. Conduct a field trip to a nearby airport or aviation business. Students will take tours, participate in classes and hands-on activities, and meet aviation experts.
  2. Attend aviation events, where they will watch air show demonstrations, meet pilots and mechanics, tour facilities, take educational classes, participate in activities, and learn about career opportunities.
  3. Host an aviation experience on school grounds. We will bring aviation to the classroom through presentations, demonstrations, or both...either for a single class or the entire school. Similar to the other two, we will be able to build rockets, showcase drones, show videos, and much more.

Teachers interested in this program are invited to complete a brief, yet informative Pathways Days registration form (click here).

Careers & Mentoring

Also known as the Nevada Aviation Careers Initiative, we plan to host two (perhaps more) programs in the fall. They'll take place in Reno and Truckee. The current format is a four-session series, conduced in four consecutive months. Given the instant success, we're designing both two-session and one-day programs. More information to follow in our quest to provide both immediate and long-term benefit to young people seeking careers in the aviation industry.

Aviation leaders, as well as students, are encouraged to sign up, in advance, for these upcoming programs. Click here for the forms.

We're anticipating another stellar year and look forward to working with many aviation leaders. Contact us to learn how we're impacting students and professionals through these programs.






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