Get Involved

Pathways to Aviation has accomplished all of its goals and exceed expectations because of the many passionate and enthusiastic donors, partners, mentors, and students. It takes a full flight of committed leaders to see the mission through to success. There's at least one role for every person and organization. Peer through the following to see which best connects with you...feel free to select more than one!

Make a Donation 

Pathways to Aviation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our ability to maintain operations, fulfill obligations, conduct extraordinary programs, and create strategic initiatives is made possible through generous contributions from people, businesses, and foundation. Each dollar makes an incredible difference. Click here to make a donation.


Become a Sponsor

The first five months of 2020 are full of career planning workshops and networking receptions. Each event requires advanced planning, career-readiness workbooks and other learning materials, promotions and marketing, hospitality, and on-site logistics. Sponsorship opportunities for businesses looking to make a difference, while receiving recognition, promotions, and other benefits. Click here for details and to sponsor an upcoming event.


Speak at a workshop

Each career planning workshop features three aerospace industry expert, who shares his or her career path, work experiences, job specialty descriptions, and advice to students. These 10-15 presentations leave an indelible mark on the students. Click here to indicate interest in speaking at one of the winter/spring workshops. 


Serve on the Board of Trustees

We're continually looking for committed and engaged leaders to govern the organization, participate in strategic planning, and help advance the organization's mission and vision. If you're interested in serving on the board or one of its committees, click here to send an email indicating your interest.


Join the Flight Team

One of the core strategies in the 2020 Vision is the creation of a youth leadership group to assist with growth of our career mentoring program, known as Futures in Aerospace. This group of young leaders helps board and staff understand today's high school and college students, particularly their misunderstandings about career development, gaps in career planning, and what appeals to them. The Flight Team currently consists of ten incredible high school and college students, who provide feedback on many areas within the organization. They also know what we're working on far before anyone else, which makes their feedback incredibly powerful and impactful. Click here to send an email indicating interest in joining the Flight Team.