Innovation Panel describes need for more students in STEM programs

An article posted on AVWeb described the need for more students in STEM programs.

Written by Paul Bertorelli, the article is entitled Innovation Panel: Technology's There, People Aren't. Below are the article's initial paragraphs. Click here for the full article.


The technology is in place or in sight, the market demand is there and even the regulators may play nice, but the trained people necessary to drive an expanding aerospace universe could be a brake on future growth. That worry was reiterated by an innovations panel at Redbird’s Migration training conference in Denver this week.

It’s an oft-told story and while the industry is addressing it with educational and pump-start programs, the shortfall of qualified pilots, technicians and engineers could become acute. “There are just not enough students out there who are studying in the STEM areas. And that’s hurting us,” says James Gibson, an experimental test pilot with Bell’s innovation group charged with development work on the company’s Nexus urban air taxi vehicles.


Click here for the full article.

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