Our "Investors"

Pathways to Aviation and its many programs are graciously funded by business leaders, community members, donor, supporters, and trustees who help us advance the organization's goals. Sky's the limit if we continue to receive outstanding support, like recent financial contributions (aka investments) received from the following:


  • Charles H. Stout Foundation
  • E.L. Cord Foundation
  • ISTAT Foundation
  • Ozmen Foundation
  • US Bank Foundation


  • Click Bond Inc
  • Fire Corn Popcorn, LLC
  • Perform Air International
  • Reno High-Sierra Chapter of the 99s
  • State of Nevada
  • Tailwind Capital


  • David & Carolyn Benjamin
  • George Emery
  • Katie Greenwood
  • Tom Hall
  • Eric Henry
  • Brian Hess
  • Brenda Horne
  • Kevin Huffer
  • Joel Hussey
  • Michael Klaich
  • Carolyn Laird
  • Robert Larkin
  • Paul McFarlane
  • Pete Parker
  • Jack Prescott
  • Les Sanders
  • John Sessions
  • Steven Silva
  • Mark Silver
  • Greg Stanley
  • Jane Stanley
  • John Taylor
  • Keith Taylor
  • Fred Telling
  • Joanne Tully
  • Chris Webster
  • Dennis Zalupski


Join these leaders and make an investment in the future of aviation. CLICK HERE to join the crew!


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