It's #GivingTuesday!

The global giving phenomenon, GivingTuesday, has arrived.

It's likely you've been overwhelmed with messaging...either in your inbox, on tv, on the radio, and through social media. You're either confused as to which organization to support - or you're just waiting for the right one to present itself.

Pathways to Aviation is participating in the #GivingTuesday campaign. We have a giving page on the official Razoo website. We also have on our own website...right here at Whichever you choose, we hope you consider a donation to Pathways to Aviation.

2015-09-17_09.22.37_HDR.jpgA gift to Pathways to Aviation will help...

  • Present aviation to students;
  • Provide more scholarships to those pursuing  careers in aviation;
  • Serve as a strong career connector;
  • Create more jobs in Nevada;
  • Impact more outstanding aviation-related non-profit organizations and activities;
  • Foster great appreciation for vintage aircraft;
  • Replicate the aviation curriculum to all schools in Nevada.


Donations received through GivingTuesday will fund three simple, yet invaluable needs:

  1. Professional development of local school teachers to be able to access the new aviation curriculum.
  2. Planning the 2016 Speakers’ Forum, taking place in early April.
  3. Initiatives designed to introduce aviation to young men and women, provide scholarships, and implementing new strategic goals.


If you miss out on today's giving campaign, don't let that stop you from investing in the future of aviation...tomorrow!


Click here to make a donation to Pathways to Aviation.

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