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Our flight plan to inform, inspire, and engage aviation’s next generation has taken Pathways to Aviation to an exciting and meaningful level. Our accelerated growth and name recognition has been the result of tireless work, passion, and invaluable volunteers. 

We hope you Join Our Crew by making a financial contribution to enable many more young people to be affected by our programs.

In the past year, we’ve opened many new doors, forged new relationships, and developed new programs. Our focus on education and history fostered the creation of new workforce and economic development initiatives. Thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students engaged with us in their classrooms, at their career days and, most publicly, at the Reno Air Races. As a result of these experiences and new partnerships, we’ve been asked to provide opportunities and resources to students throughout all of Nevada.

When you Join Our Crew, you'll be investing in and endorsing programs impacting thousands of current and future aviation leaders.


Pathways to Aviation Days at (airport)
We're coordinating "aviation days" at airports throughout Nevada and in the northern Nevada regions. Labeled as "Pathways to Aviation Day at ______," these events will be tailored to schools to conducted field trips at each airport. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Nevada Aviation Careers Program
The Nevada Aviation Careers Program provides career development resources to high school and college students interested in pursuing careers in the aviation industry. The program provides guidance and connections to those expressing interest in aviation careers. CLICK HERE to learn more.


Annual Speakers' Forum
Preserving aviation's past and fostering aviation's future are two topics expected to be addressed at the annual Pathways to Aviation Speakers Forum, taking place every April. We'll soon release the date and location for the 2017 Forum.

Career Days, Class Instruction
There are many opportunities, throughout the year, when we can provide resources, information, and activities to inform, inspire, and engage aviation's next generation.

Aviation Learning Center
The Aviation Learning Center has been an extraordinary destination at recent runnings of the National Championship Air Races. The Center featured classes, demonstrations, speakers, and career connections, to inform and engage all air race patrons. The popular area of the Reno-Stead Airport was transformed into 81,000 square feet of learning space throughout the entire week at the Air Races. CLICK HERE to see photos from 2016.


It’s an exciting time to Join Our Crew at Pathways to Aviation as a donor.

The former small and lightly known entity, previously referred to as the Reno Air Racing Foundation, has matured into an aviation-advancing force. Today’s students have a genuine opportunity to transition their interests in aviation into real employment, whether they chose to enter the workforce directly out of high school or following college graduation.

This is the first time we’ve asked our friends, partners, community liaisons, and industry partners to make contributions. With your donation, there’s no barrier in our path to creating opportunities for aviation’s next generation.

Our current pathway features student-to-employment success stories, increased school experiences, and many more fruitful partnerships. These will be accomplished through significant financial support.


Please consider a donation to Pathways to Aviation today.


Here are some of the many testimonials received from educators, who've engaged with Pathways to Aviation in the past year.


"Our kids loved the whole experience. Parents gushed about the educational opportunities and the excitement and the novelty of the whole day. Thank you for such a great day of fun and learning...and memories."

"Everything was well organized, your volunteers couldn't have been more helpful and organized... we had a great time!"

"Everything was so smooth and well organized.  The kids loved the whole day.  Thank you for offering this wonderful experience to our students."

"All my students were highly engaged with the extra activities and loved the class we attended."

"I love the information and the activity in on-site class."




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