JSfirm's 2017 Business Survey is released!

Our job board partner, JSfirm.com, released its annual business aviation survey. We've taken the liberty of virtually replicating its press release below.

JSfirm.com, the leading aviation job advertisement website, has completed its annual Business Aviation Survey.  275 Part 91 and 135 operators participated this year.  Compared to 2016, flight hours have increased (+4%) and fewer companies report being impacted by the pilot shortage (-8%).  Jeff Richards, operations manager for JSfirm.com said, "Overwhelmingly, those surveyed reported that business is good due to the improving economy." He continued, "The majority of operators reported expansion of staff and/or fleet and an increased business demand in 2017.”

2017 Business Aviation Survey Results:

  • 275 companies were surveyed
  • 57% are experiencing an increase in flight hours
  • 55% will acquire pre-owned or refurb existing aircraft in the next 12-24 months
  • 65% report operations are not being impacted by the pilot shortage




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