JSFirm's Hiring Trends 2017 Survey Results

JSfirm.com released the results of its 2017 Hiring Trends Survey. 358 aviation companies participated in the study.

Stats of note, 88% of companies plan to hire in 2017 and 71% of companies did not did not experience staff reduction in 2016. Operations Manager Jeff Richards said, "The survey results indicate a thriving aviation job market." He added, "We are busy! New companies are posting jobs and job seekers are creating memberships to stay up-to-date on new opportunities."

Stats and trends we found of greatest relevance were the following.

72.5% of companies are projecting moderate to significant growth.



Shortage of qualified professionals is the industry's greatest hiring challenge.



Greatest hiring needs are in areas of maintenance, avionics, and piloting.


Click here to download the full study.


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