Lake Tahoe News: Truckee airport grows with demand

The Truckee Tahoe Airport was featured in a recent article in Lake Tahoe News. Written by Carole Jablon-Bernardi, the article describes how the airport is addressing growth and demand.

Here's an excerpt from the article

TRUCKEE – Truckee Tahoe Airport District doesn’t fall short when living up to its slogan, “Connected by more than a runway.”

Between 2012-16, there was a steady uptick in the economy and the airport authority noticed demand became greater. In 2016 the airport had 32,524 flight operations (landings and take offs) which was an increase of 5,000 operations from the previous year. This equates to an average of 89 operations per day, with heaviest aircraft traffic over holiday weekends and heavy tourist periods.

In order to manage this increase, the airport is building 10 “new” executive box hangars to accommodate larger twin engine planes with bigger wing spans. The hangars can’t get built fast enough as there is an 11-year wait list of approximately 27 people. Presently, there are 220 hangars.

Building more hangars isn’t the only solution to meeting a greater demand. The airport’s board realized its first priority was enhancing aviation safety.


Read the full story on the website. 


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