Major field trip milestone surpassed!

An unexpected milestone was surpassed yesterday, far in advance of the National Championship Air Races, taking place in September 2015.

The 3,000th field trip participant was officially registered, more than three months before Air Race week!

School-based field trips to the Air Races have taken place for many years, however a new strategy was implemented for the upcoming Air Races. "We didn't know if school administrators or educators would positively respond to the changes we made," says Pete Parker, executive director of Pathways to Aviation. Effective with this year's Air Races, teachers are required to complete an online registration form and participate in at least one standards-based class at the Air Races.

"We began mapping our 2015 field trip strategy during last year's Air Races, as means to providing greater value, better accountability, measured outcomes, and inter-personal connectivity," says Parker.

Currently, 38 teachers have submitted registration forms for 3,001 students to attend the Air Races and participate in programs held in the newly created Aviation Learning Center.


Each student will participate in on-site standards-based (NextGen) classes, hands-on learning activities, and direct conversations with aviation experts and corporate executives. The field trips are designed to capture the interests of K-12 students and inspire them to become more interested in STEM-related classwork, more enthusiastic about their education, and more aware of possible careers in the aviation industry.

The Aviation Learning Center is a replication and demonstration of a pioneering education initiative to present aviation-related curriculum to elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the state of Nevada.

Click here to learn more about the formalized field trip program at September's Air Races and see which schools are participating.

Click here to register a class for a standards-based field trip.

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