Marketing & Development Committee

Generating awareness and support allow Pathways to Aviation to orchestrate programs and provide scholarships. Recently, two different committees were merged into one, allowing for inspired conversation, team strategy, and cohesive coordination.

Committee members will address the following:


  • Assessing current brand identity and comparing to mission and vision.
  • Development promotional messages and materials for programs, events, and the overall organization.
  • Crafting talking points for media, board members, and donors.
  • Developing an effective social media plan.
  • Creating logo, typeface, and color identities.
  • Crafting monthly bulletins.
  • Producing the annual report.


  • Identify all areas of support.
  • Identify all potential contributors.
  • Creating strategies to cultivate, engage, and solicit potential donors.
  • Crafting talking points for board members and potential donors.
  • Creating a deferred giving strategy.
  • Develop an annual giving plan and schedule.

The committee will meet on a monthly basis to review recent activity, address upcoming opportunities, and brainstorm possibilities. At least one board member will serve on the Marketing & Development Committee, likely as its chairperson. The committee will certainly involve the Executive Director, whom is ultimately responsible for all marketing and development programming.


Sign up to serve on the Marketing & Development Committee by clicking here.


You’ll be contacted with details. If you have any questions, contact Pete Parker (745-1325, email)