Nevada Aviation Museum

The Nevada Aviation Museum is dedicated to preserving Nevada's role in aviation, military, private, commercial, fire fighting, gliders and lighter than air vehicles. We want to preserve the past, memorialize it, value the present and prepare for the future.

Our galleries will feature a number of significant aircraft; The C 46 that was flown in Nevada and on its way to Burma to resupply the Flying Tigers. The MAC (Military Air Command) who taught flying in locations across Nevada during WWII. The training facilities for the Enola Gay (on display at Dulles Intl. Airport) and the aerial tanker pilots fighting the fires of today. Air Racing, the last of it's kind at Stead Airport, vintage fighters, jets and other classes racing for the opportunity to be the best in their class, no where else in the world is this done!



Besides historical and significant aircraft, we want to feature commercial aircraft, private planes, a Lear Jet and helicopters. We expect our guests to walk around many of them, sit in the flight deck, work the controls and imagine what it is like to fly an aircraft. We will have an AWACs aircraft set up for students to sit in and track other aircraft, or simulate a search and rescue, while learning and understanding the principles of flight and dreaming of flying.

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