Outstanding speakers in the Checkered Flag Club!

When asked to help manage the Checkered Flag Club, the most sought after "members" club at this year's National Championship Air Races, we began recruiting top notch aviation leaders. The result was far better than anticipated!

Checkered Flag Club

Under the Foundation's oversight, the Checkered Flag Club became incorporated within our overall Aviation Learning Center programming. The ultimate objective of the Center was to inform, inspire, and engage.

Thanks to long-time leaders and members of the Checkered Flag Club, starting with Alanna McClellan, the speakers represented a wide range of topics, experiences, and stories. The week started with a morning briefing, provided by Reno Air Racing Association CEO Mike Crowell, and ended with Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority's CEO, Marily Mora.

The week's speakers, as listed below, were incredible.

  • Mike Crowell - Reno Air Racing Association
  • Matt Setty - MWH Americas
  • Martha Phillips - The Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots
  • Warren Rapp - Nevada Advance Autonomous Systems
  • Ray Berg - Vice President, Perform Air
  • Josh Cawthra - National Transportation Safety Board
  • Reza Karamooz - Nevada Business Aviation Association
  • Marily Mora - Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority


The following photos don't do justice, but were just a few of the many moments in the Checkered Flag Club.

Martha Phillips, International President of the 99s

Martha Phillips sharing insights of the Ninety-Nines, the International Organization of Women Pilots.


Josh Cawthra, Investigator, National Transportation Safety Board

Josh Cawthra sharing stories about Reno Air Races, the NTSB, and his 1947 Cessna 140.


Rich Davis, amazing Checkered Flag Club volunteer


Reza Karamooz, Director of the Nevada Business Aviation Association

Reza Karamooz describing successes of Sunrise Mountain High School's aviation club.


Marily Mora, CEO of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority

Marily Mora happily accepting the official Checkered Flag Club hat and pin after her presentation.


Checkered Flag Club

A quiet Saturday morning before the day's action begins...both inside and out of the Checkered Flag Club.




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