Pathways to Aviation Days

We're coordinating "aviation days" at airports throughout Nevada and in the northern Nevada regions. Labeled as "Pathways to Aviation Day at ______," these events will be tailored to schools to conducted field trips at each airport. Students will experience the following:

  • Tour airports to see and learn about the many different jobs
  • Meet airport officials to learn about airport management and operations
  • Visit with general and business aviation companies
  • Conduct aviation-focused STEM classes, held on airport grounds
  • Meet college representatives and career recruiters

The Aviation Days will provide students with on-site class instruction and hands-on activities, informational resources, and aviation leaders...all designed to inform, inspire, and engage.

Schedule a student experience today.

Whether it's a field trip to nearby airport, business, or non-profit organization, submit a request to schedule a Pathways Day for your school or class.











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