PWC's 2017 Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness Ranking

PriceWaterhouseCoopers released its annual aerospace manufacturing attractiveness rankings.

This 2017 Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness Rankings is a qualitative framework that looks at all countries and states within the US to help provide aerospace companies with information to improve manufacturing supply chains, control costs, and plan for future growth. In this fourth edition of our analysis, we have improved and refined the ranking methodology to provide a more meaningful comparison of both countries globally and states within the US for aerospace manufacturing.


The 2017 index is based on a weighted score of category and subcategory rankings. Ranking categories include Labor, Infrastructure, Industry, Economy, Cost,  and Tax Policy. Within each category, there are the following subcategories that provide additional data for our analyses.

  • Labor - Labor Force, Education, Skilled Education, Advanced Education, Union Flexibility.
  • Infrastructure - Quality of Roads, Quality of Railroads, Quality of Air Infrastructure, Internet Usage, Quality of Electric Supply.
  • Industry - Market size, Market profit margin, Market maturity, Market growth, Number of companies, Number of suppliers.
  • Economy - GDP, GDP Growth, Consumer Price Index, Government Subsidies, Manufacturing output, Value of exports.
  • Cost - Energy Cost, Transportation cost, Labor cost, Labor productivity, Construction cost, Cost of materials.
  • Tax Policy - Individual income tax, Corporate income tax, State sales tax, Local sales tax, Gasoline tax, Property tax.





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