Register for a Field Trip to the Reno Air Races

K-12 teachers are invited to take a class out to the Reno-Stead Airport for an educational field trip at the Reno Air Races.

The expansion of the Aviation Learning Center provides a greater solution for all your aviation-related wishes and requests. We’re excited by this development and look forward to working closely with teachers, schools, and school districts on an enriching learning experience.

All schools and school programs are invited to conduct a field trip at the National Championship Air Races.

Click here to register for a field trip.

Schools must register with Pathways to Aviation to qualify for complimentary free admission to the Air Races.

Schools which do not register and participate in the Aviation Learning Center will be required to pay the admissions fee for each student and chaperone, as well as parking for cars and buses. This decision was made for security and learning purposes.

All questions and inquiries should be emailed to Pete Parker, executive director of Pathways to Aviation at




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