Sample solicitation email - brief

I write to you today to ask you to make a contribution to Pathways to Aviation. Here’s why…

Over the past two years, we’ve introduced aviation to 10,000+ K-12 students through workshops, field trips, career days, and special events. While not every student will actually pursue a career in the aviation industry, the skills they’re learning through our efforts prepare them for promising employment in other industries. Pathways to Aviation’s programs are designed to introduce young people to industry and guide them along exciting career paths.

Through your involvement, we can double the number of students who are career-ready, whether they go to college or directly to the workforce after high school graduation.

I ask that you consider a donation to fund educational and career development programs. Click here for descriptions, details, and to donate. You'll be surprised how far $50 goes!

We’re on a mission to answer the call of an informed, skilled, and ready labor force. Our focus is aviation, where major growth and employment needs are on the horizon, but we can easily affect many other industries.

Thank you,




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