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Aviation's future leaders need your support. These young people, mostly in K-12 schools and on college campuses, are being introduced to the world of aviation through programs offered by Pathways to Aviation. In the past year, alone, over 5,000 students participated in an educational or career preparation program designed to inform, inspire, and engage them with this incredible industry.

A large number of students are excited about the aviation industry. Some want to pilot large airplanes, while others want to pilot micro-sized unmanned aerial vehicles. Some students are intrigued with avionics, while others enjoy grabbing tools to work with various parts. Some students enjoy using CAD and other tools to design aircraft, while others prefer building replicas of Mars rovers. Wherever their interests may be, Pathways to Aviation provides paths by which they're able to pursue their interests and, for some, career goals.

We'd love for you to make a donation to present introduce the world of aviation to young people.

For the first time in the 13-year history of our organization, we're conducting a funding campaign to raise funds for educational and career mentoring programs. Each dollar is allocated directly to programs, thereby keeping them free of cost for students, instructors, and mentors.

I encourage you to learn more about the funding campaign, particularly how contributions will be utilized, which programs will be impacted, and the ripple-effect of each penny.

Please visit the official Spring to Sustainability webpage (click here) to access additional details and make a donation. Your support, at whichever dollar amount you choose, will go a very long way to creating opportunities for aviation's next generation.

Yours in Flight,

Pete Parker
Executive Director

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