Scavenger Hunt

We regularly hear from teachers and parents telling us that, if there were more programs introducing aviation to students, we’d witness greater enthusiasm and pursuit of careers in the industry and STEM related careers. The annual Air Races presents an optimal opportunity to introduce students to many facets of aviation. Though air racing is the premier event, the Foundation tent and its leaders will provide information, tools, connections, and pathways for students to further their interest.

The scavenger hunt will enable each student to experience more than the race portion of the Air Races. By following a map of questions, students will turn the Air Race visit into an educational opportunity. With their families and friends, they will canvass the entire Air Race campus, where they’ll be placed face-to-face with aviation experts, equipment, awe-inspiring racing, simulated racing, historical airplanes, and learning resources.

Upon arrival at the admissions gate, students will be directed to the Pathways to Aviation tent. They will also have advance instructions, enabling them to plan ahead with family and friends who join in the experience. Upon arrival to the Foundation tent, each student will be given the scavenger hunt card and instructions.

The hunt will be a self-conducted hunt, where each student will be allowed to visit with aviation experts, booths, and areas throughout the air race campus. It will be a simple activity, enabling the participants to enjoy the races and all the excitement it offers. The journey includes an educational class in the Foundation tent and concludes with judging aircraft registered in the National Aviation Heritage Invitational.

The hunt is designed to increase the interactive participation between the student and the air races. The objective is for each student to walk away with greater knowledge about the air races and a greater appreciation and interest in aviation.

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