Scholarship Committee

Scholarships have played an important role for several years. The program was launched with the creation of the Brigadier General Fred Michel Scholarship Fund, soon after his passing.

There are currently two scholarship funds:

  1. Fred Michel Fund – The fund awards tuition assistance funds to college students possessing a strong interest in pursuing careers in aviation. Recipients are selected by the Scholarship Committee during the first week of April, following a review of applications submitted by students. The selections are made with officials from the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, which administers the fund’s investment and allocations.
  2. General Scholarship Fund – Unlike the Michel Fund, there are no rules or boundaries with this scholarship.

The Scholarship Committee is approved and, at times, selected by the Board of Trustees. Its role is to:

  • Review applications for the Michel Fund.
  • Meet to make Michel Fund selections.
  • Review and approve applications submitted for general scholarship purposes.
  • Discuss ways to increase financial support of both funds.
  • Promote the funds to potential recipients.
  • Attend events promoting the scholarships.


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You’ll be contacted with details. If you have any questions, contact Pete Parker (745-1325, email)