Session 3 was remarkable!

The third session in our new Careers and Mentoring series went better than anticipated.

Students and professionals filled the room at the Civil Air Patrol to talk about networking. First, students participated in a 40-minute workshop, where they learned basic networking skills. During the presentation, they learned about...

  • Body language - represented by a smile, eye contact, and displaying confidence
  • Greeting - how to approach the person, extend hand for handshake, and look eye-to-eye
  • Conversation - most notably to show interest, ask questions, and seek to understand
  • Close - welcome others, invite to meet again, exchange contact info
  • Followup - send email, mail personal card, invite to LinkedIn

They learned that these basic best practices will be used throughout their lives.

The large group of students then met with aviation and business professionals to practice the skills they learned in the workshop. Many thanks to the leaders, who joined us for this exceptional session.

These and other high school and college students will showcase their skills and career interests at our final session, which takes place on Wednesday, May 24. The entire aviation community is invited to attend and meet talented young people, who are interested in aviation careers. Click here for more information and to RSVP.






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