Shades and RAM News

Exciting news from two "hangar" organizations, Shades of Blue and the Reno Aviation Museum.

We now have a flight simulator! It is the same as used at the Reno Air Races. We have been invited to the Reno Mini

Maker Faire at the Discovery Museum on May 30th. Some of the highlights are that we will have a 10' by 20' booth with power, tables and chairs. OnStar will provide a display and tent cover. We will feature Shades and the flight simulator teaching flight training, RAM will bring parts of the RV6 and demonstrate and allow kids to help build an airplane and OnStar will bring a drone and teach "how to fly a drone" classes. Also we have a 20-30 minute prime time spot as a featured speaker - we will use this opportunity to have a short class on how to fly a drone inside the Discovery Museum. Volunteers needed.

We are getting an F-16 from Fallon Air Base. This is a forward fuselage operating flight simulator!

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