Student pilot certificate changes

An article featured on, as written by Dan Namowitz, describes changes to student pilot certifications.

An excerpt from the article reads...

AOPA is reminding student pilots and their flight instructors that significant changes in the process of applying for and issuing student pilot certificates take effect on April 1 in conjunction with a new rule adopted by the FAA.

For student pilots, this means that it will no longer be possible to obtain a combined medical certificate and student pilot certificate from an aviation medical examiner. There will be no expiration date on the new student pilot certificates.

Flight instructors will no longer endorse student pilot certificates, but will make those endorsements in student pilots’ logbooks. Instructors also will find themselves playing an active role in the process of issuing student pilot certificates because CFIs will be among those designated as persons authorized to process a student pilot’s application, ensuring that it is in order before forwarding it to the FAA. Student pilots will have other options for applying for the certificate, such as applying through their local FAA flight standards district office, designated pilot examiners, or some Part 141 school officials.

The FAA has estimated that it will take approximately three weeks to approve and return the new plastic student pilot certificates to applicants by mail.

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