Students Need Mentoring

An incredibly powerful quote landed in our email inbox today. We couldn't help but post to our website.

Since the day our board of trustees adopted a new vision for Pathways to Aviation, we've received support, interest, inquiries, tweets, and emails from those excited about our journey. Aviation careers, workforce development, and economic impact have filled the conversations at the water cooler, in hangars, and in meetings. There's a great deal excitement about providing resources and opportunities to aviation's next generation.


Receiving the quote in our email, today, the timing was extraordinary. We were sending invitations and reminders to high school students, who've registered for our Nevada Aviation Careers Initiative.

Our next workshop takes place on Wednesday, March 15 at the Nevada Wing Civil Air Patrol Building (click for workshop details).

If you're a student with even mild interest in aviation or a seasoned veteran, who's interested in sharing advice, you're invited to attend our next workshop. The focus will be on resumes and other career planning practices, while pairing students up with mentoring guidance.

The future of aviation will be in one room, at one time, with one collective vision!






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