Teacher Crew

We regularly seek experts to share knowledge with students in a number of areas. Most popular are aviation, aerospace, avionics, and unmanned aerial systems.

Teaching opportunities arise in two predominant ways:

  1. Pathways Days Program – we’re coordinating field trips experiences at airports, schools, and aviation businesses. These will feature on-site classes, hands-on activities, meeting officials, and tours. The class topics will vary, based on each venue, situation, and topic preference.
  2. Educator requests – we regularly receive inquiries from school administrators and teachers to bring an expert into the classroom to serve as a point of reference, describe a specific topic, or conduct a class.

We respect the time of our recommended teachers. As such, we do our best to work with each expert's schedule. While the Pathways Days event will be scheduled in advance, requests from schools is infrequent. Each teaching situation is likely about one hour, and we ask teachers to plan for a two-hour engagement to allow for travel, prep, and post-class interactions.

Teaching classes is an unpaid volunteer opportunity. That said, it’s a great way to inspire young people and, if you represent a company or non-profit, it’s easy to expand your promotions.


Enlist as a teacher today by clicking here.

When you sign up, be sure to share pertinent information, such as your area(s) of expertise, desired age/class level of students, and your availability.


You’ll be contacted with details. If you have any questions, contact Pete Parker (745-1325, email)