Upcoming Career Workshops

The Futures in Aerospace program provides career development resources to high school and college students interested in pursuing careers in the aviation industry. The program provides guidance and connections to those expressing interest in aviation careers.

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This program is great for students interested in learning about careers and what's needed to land great jobs. It's even better for students interested in other skilled trade and applied manufacturing industries, as many of the skills translate across industries. And, it's ideal for students driven to pursue aviation industry careers!


Spring 2019 Flight Plan workshops include:


The Futures in Aerospace "Flight Plan" workshops provide a great benefit to high school and college students. Students participate in an interactive and focused program to guide through the career development spectrum, highlighted by:

  • Interviewing students to understand career interests, skills and characteristics
  • Reviewing and developing resumes;
  • Matching with aviation experts, who are enlisting to provide mentoring guidance;
  • Conducting career planning workshops;
  • Hosting speaking engagements presented by aviation experts;
  • Introducing to employment recruiters seeking career-ready talent;
  • Conducting mock and practice interviews; and,
  • Providing professional references for scholarships, college admissions, and job applications.


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