Volunteer Wednesday

There was an extreme level of hype with yesterday's Giving Tuesday campaign...a drive to inspire people to contribute to their favorite charitable organizations. We can't complain, as we saw a bump in giving, for which we are truly thankful. But, now it's Wednesday...what do we celebrate?


We call it "Volunteer Wednesday!"

Financial support of Pathways to Aviation programs provides resources to cover necessary expenses and award tuition assistance scholarships.

Leadership support of Pathways to Aviation provides the vision, passion, energy, teamwork, and execution of programs which directly impact young people. These resources cannot be replaced and are invaluable, not just to the organization, but many future aviation leaders.

Pathways to Aviation offers a variety of ways one can volunteer within the organization. Each volunteer role and hour dedicated will create a positive ripple-effect in our quest to inform, inspire, and engage the aviation's next generation.

Below are primary areas which could use volunteers. Click the hyper-links to read about the many volunteer opportunities.

Pathways to Aviation has grown from an organization focused solely on education to one creating pathways toward greater aviation awareness and career opportunities. The organization leverages educational, historical, and enterprising programs and partners to open doors of opportunity and guidance for aviation's next generation.

Whether you can offer just one hour per year, month, or week, there are ways you can directly impact Pathways to Aviation.

Celebrate our self-titled "Volunteer Wednesday" by indicating your interest in Joining Our Volunteer Crew.