What's No Plane, No Gain?

No Plane No Gain, a joint undertaking of the National Business Aviation Association and General Aviation Manufacturers Association, is designed to educate the public on the importance of business aviation to our country and its communities, companies and citizens. In the United States, business aviation generates well over a million jobs, provides a lifeline to communities with little or no commercial airline service, helps thousands of businesses of all sizes to be more productive and efficient and provides emergency and humanitarian services to people in need.

Information in this blog is taken directly from the No Plane No Gain website.

Business aviation is defined as the use of a general aviation airplane for a business purpose. It is essential to tens of thousands of companies of all types and sizes in the U.S. that are trying to compete in a marketplace that demands speed, flexibility, efficiency and productivity. It is also a vital contributor to America’s job base, economy and transportation system. Furthermore, it connects small towns and communities that often have little or no airline service. Equally important, business aircraft are very often used to support humanitarian causes, and provide relief in the wake of natural disasters. Review more information below.


On November 1st, the No Plane No Gain program launched a fresh social media initiative. Here's a description from its press release:

The new initiative designed to optimize the reach and effectiveness of social media was launched as part of the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign, jointly sponsored by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA).

The new initiative features the use of a hashtag, #BizAvWorks, to be used on the campaign’s Twitter and Facebook platforms for promoting support for business aviation, and the recognition of its value, from elected officials and people in the industry alike.

The people and companies in the business aviation community are being encouraged to retweet, like and otherwise share the positive comments from elected and civic leaders, and in doing so, to weigh in with their own statements about how business aviation supports jobs, connects communities, helps companies succeed and provides critical support for humanitarian initiatives.


Click here or the graphic to download the November 2016 issue.



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