Wichita Public Schools, Partners Launch Aviation Pathway

Creating opportunities for young people to pursue careers in aviation isn't just happening in Reno. A collaborative effort in Wichita recently created the Aviation Pathway program for high school and college students.

The following was taken from an article on Aero News Network.

Aviation Pathway, a new proposed high school aviation curriculum, has been announced by the Wichita Public Schools and WSU Tech at the Textron Aviation Citation Longitude line. If approved, it would be the state’s first aviation technical education pathway.

Through the program high school students would have the opportunity to receive their high school diploma and technical certificate at graduation creating the potential for immediate employment within the aviation industry. “A few months ago, Textron Aviation brought a high school concept to us and WSU Tech that we immediately began to explore because of its potential benefit to our students, the aviation industry and our community,” said Alicia Thompson, Wichita Public Schools Superintendent.

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