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I'm helping raise funds for Pathways to Aviation. Please click here to make a donation. Every dollar goes directly to inform, inspire, and engage young people to the world of aviation.

  • Pilot training proposal submitted to the Senate receives support

    A proposal put forward by Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-SD) to help young men and women become effectively trained commercial airline pilots is receiving industry support.

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    Register for a program designed for Truckee-area students interested in #aviation careers.

    Truckee Tahoe Flight Plan


    The aviation industry boasts many career opportunities both in Truckee and throughout the world. We're on a mission to introduce aviation as a career possibility to all high school and college students. The Truckee Tahoe Flight Plan is part of our large initiative, called Futures in Aerospace, which provides college and career opportunities and connections to young people.

    Through the program, students will learn about the aviation industry, learn career preparation skills, and meet college and employment recruiters. Participation of students will be tracked, enabling students to earn tuition assistance scholarships.

    The Truckee Tahoe Flight Plan is open to all high school and college students, whether or not they're planning to pursue careers in the aviation industry. It's open to all!


    Spring Workshop Series

    The spring workshops feature three industry leaders to share information and advice. The presentations will be followed by an interactive career planning discussion. The schedule:

    January 24 - Job searching, colleges, scholarships - RSVP
    February 14 - Soft skills, hard skills, career interests - RSVP
    March 14 - Resume writing, cover letters - RSVP
    April 17 - Personal branding, 30-second elevator, networking - RSVP
    May 16 - Aviation Networking Night - RSVP




    Register Today 

    Register today and earn points towards the Futures in Aerospace Scholarship!
    Click here to register for the Truckee Tahoe Flight Plan.


    Become a Futures in Aerospace Supporter. Click here to sponsor a session or make a donation toward the expenses of conducting the program.





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    Just made a year-end donation to Pathways to Aviation. It was easy!

    The future of aerospace needs your support!

    Pathways to Aviation operates entirely from contributions made by individuals, corporations, and private foundations. We do not receive any federal or state funding.

    Each dollar contributed to Pathways to Aviation, allows the staff and volunteers to work closely with interested students, building pathways toward continued education and/or direct workforce employment. 

    The Futures in Aerospace program connects students to industry, aviation executives, and college and career opportunities. 

    The donation you make allows Pathways to Aviation to introduce aviation to an increasing number of students and enable career-aspiring young people to fulfill their dreams.

    Make a donation's a great way to help inform, inspire, and engage aviation's next generation!



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    Just made one of my last 2017 donations. I contributed to Pathways to Aviation. #avfuture #avgeek

    Pete Parker's Fundraising Page

    $1,809.00 raised
    GOAL: $2,500.00


    I have been affiliated with Pathways to Aviation for the past four years. There are many things I love about this organization. What I value most is that nearly every dollar contributed to this organization, including funds previously received from license plate sales, goes directly to programs.

    Pathways to Aviation has opened and continues to knock on new doors so that young people are given the opportunity to learn about the world of aviation. Whether it's to learn STEM-related lessons through the principles of flight, or to take steps towards pilot certification, or to pursue a career in the aviation industry, this organization makes it all happen.

    When the new year started, Pathways to Aviation embarked on an exciting journey to inform, inspire, and engage an increasing number of young people with aviation industry. The map of this journey includes many features, including:

    • Expanding our reach to all of Nevada and parts of California;
    • Hosting field trip experiences at airports and aviation businesses;
    • Guiding high school and college students toward exciting careers;
    • Providing scholarships for those seeking certifications and college degrees;
    • Making presentations to elementary, middle, and high school students;
    • Attending career fairs and workshops at schools ;
    • Coordinating industry special events and educational programs; and,
    • Connecting aviation business leaders to each other and local/statewide leaders.

    If you know of any other organization which goes to such great lengths to invest in an industry's future, please let me know. Pathways to Aviation is truly dedicated to creating opportunities, especially aviation's future workforce.

    Please join me in making a contribution to Pathways to Aviation.

    This organization, led by one staff member and nine board members, cannot succeed without the financial assistance. Every dollar contributed to this organization goes directly to programs.

    I invite you to learn more about Pathways to Aviation. The following links should paint a very descriptive picture of how we do things and how we allocate generous resources.

    Fundraising brochure
    2016 in review
    Description of educational programs
    Editorial in Reno Gazette-Journal (April 2017)

    Thanks for considering a contribution to this extraordinary organization.

    Yours in Flight,





  • @petemparker tweeted link to Support the Careers Initiative. 2017-01-20 14:13:59 -0800
    Just made a donation to a new careers initiative offered by Pathways to Aviation. #TakeFlight

    The Careers Initiative Welcomes Your Support

    Every dollar raised through this donation page will cover expenses to guide students to employment in the aviation industry. Through financial support, students will...

    • Create a college/career plan;
    • Develop appealing and informative resumes;
    • Match-up with aviation experts;
    • Attend career planning workshops;
    • Listen to presentations made by aviation experts;
    • Meet with employment recruiters seeking career-ready talent;
    • Learn how to interview; and,
    • Receive professional references.

    Take Flight with the future of the aviation industry and support the careers initiative with a donation.


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    Michel Scholarship

    The Brigadier General Fred L. Michel Aviation Scholarship

    The support of budding aviation enthusiasts is important to people who have themselves developed and expressed a love of aviation through participation and appreciation. One way we can support young people who share our passion for flight is through the support of aviation scholarship opportunities.

    The “Brigadier General Fred L. Michel Aviation Scholarship” was established in the Fall of 2007 by the Stead Airport Users’  Association and the Reno Air Race Foundation’s Pathways to Aviation Program, to honor Brigadier General Fred L. Michel and to assist Nevada youth in the pursuit of aviation careers.

    Fred-MichelDuring his 27 years of military service, Fred L. Michel was a Captain in the United States Air Force, flying the T-34 and the T-38,  before moving himself and his family to Reno, where he flew the RF-101 and RF-4C in the Nevada Air National Guard until his retirement as Brigadier General. He was, as well, a retired Captain from United and Pan American Airlines, completing a career which saw him through the early, unfettered “good old days” of airline travel. His passion for aviation extended well beyond his careers in the military and the airline industry. A 38 year resident of Reno, he served 28 of those years as a Director of the Reno Air Races. Fred served as the second President of the Stead Airport Users’ Association for many years.

    The Brigadier General Fred L. Michel Aviation Scholarship Committee makes annual scholarships available to deserving students.

    Scholarships are awarded at the $500 to $2,500 range.

    The scholarship fund has achieved much interest from its inception. Funds will be used to assist accomplished young students, male and female, annually to fulfill their dreams of higher academic and athletic achievement with a focus on aviation.

    The money to initiate the Scholarship Program was contributed by the founding entities, together with private support from many others, combined with institutional and private contributions. A large donation was made by the family of Fred L. Michel in honor of their departed husband and father.

    Interested in donating to the Fund? CLICK HERE

    Interested in applying for the scholarship? CLICK HERE


  • wants to volunteer 2014-12-15 08:55:15 -0800

    Join Our Crew of Volunteers

    The success and growth of Pathways to Aviation relies on engaged leadership. There are many ways you can help strengthen the organization and, more importantly, impact on aviation workforce and economic development.

    We're doing all we can to address the workforce shortage in the aviation industry. It's an exciting time to serve as a volunteer, as we're forging new territories, establishing collaborative relationships, and expanding our boundaries. Volunteer roles include presentations on specific industry specialties, providing career advice, assisting with special events, serving on the board or on a board committee, serving as a mentor to a young person, or helping raise money and awareness. All are equally vital to the strength and sustainability of aviation excellence in Nevada.

    We welcome voluntary assistance, no matter the time you're able to invest in this great adventure!

    Become a volunteer

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